Buying Cannabis Clones? OLCC Rules You Should Know First


Buying cannabis clones for your cannabis grow in Oregon? Whether you’re a OLCC Rec or OMMP medical grow there are certain laws you should be aware of to make sure you don’t get your self in grey water with changing legislation.

Currently, there is a law that allows OLCC licensed Rec grows, a 90-day window to acquire genetics from any source. Its known as the Immaculate Conception rule.

OLCC RULE OAR 845-025-2060 states,

Producers may receive plants from any source within Oregon for the first 90 days of initial licensure under the Immaculate Conception rule

Example: A producer licensed on March 1, 2016 can receive start-up plants from any source in Oregon until June 1, 2016. This includes seeds, clones or mature plants.

You should also be familiar with the OLCC’s Inventory Transfer Rule, OAR 845-025-2100, which allows medical growers to transfer immature, mature and usable marijuana into the recreational system. This allows growers to source genetics from OMMP Medical grows in addition to other sources.

Another important impact of this rule that producer’s often forget to take into account is how you will introduce new strains to the changing market if you didn’t acquire them in your first 90 days. 

This is another consideration grows realize after it’s too late. Don’t make the same mistake

Since current OLCC rules only allow acquisition of new genetics through other OLCC licensed sources (if you are after your 90 days), you are limited to what’s being bred in Oregon or pleading with another grow to sell or transfer you genetics that they most likely won’t want to share since you are competition.

So this is another thing to consider,

In your first 90 days make sure you are acquiring as many genetics as possible.

It will allow you genetic diversity as you move forward and want to put out new strains. From there you can either hire a breeder to work with your seeds or build space in your facility for research and development.

Building out a space for breeding can be costly and time-consuming to do, so as a shameless plug, we offer this service. We sex, pheno hunt and breed seeds and genetics to find desirable traits allowing you to offer proprietary strains and diversify. Contact us for details.

We recommend reviewing the following links or at least saving them to your browser to read later. They cover additional information regarding cannabis licensing and rulings from the OLCC for Oregon’s Cannabis market.




Helpful info covering process, fee’s and overview of important legal rulings you should be aware of. It details which agency is in charge of what so you know who to talk to. It also details current statistics for Rec applications.


OLCC application process infographicOLCC Licensing Fees Info






The current definitions and ruling that pertain to licensing and operating a marijuana business in the state of Oregon. It includes rules for producers, processors, and retailers.

Page 1 rules




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