With new strains constantly emerging as the cannabis industry evolves, its hard to keep an accurate list of whats at the top. The good news is, mostly, it just keeps getting better.

Breeders are pushing the industry to new standards of what excellence is as they cross the best of the best, and then cross it back again giving birth to newer, tastier strains than their already worthy predecessors.

Nutrient companies are dialing in what makes the plant thrive & how to push it to new limits as research and time have started to allow for.

Growers continue to get more high-tech; bringing in successful practices from adjacent industries & learning how to create grow environments equivalent to cannabis heaven.

So for now, the highest THC cannabis strains of 2017. For those bring granny back from the grave, punch you in the face & see stars kind of adventure smokes.


Manali West’s created this insane strain which may very well be the highest testing cannabis strain in history. Manali West, specializes in rare and unique strains and concentrates.

At 35% THC, this strain is extremely potent. Creating by crossing Top Dawg Seeds’ Stardawg Guava and an OG/Diesel cross. Back in 2012, Stardawg Guava won best sativa at the Denver Cannabis Cup.


Manali West also brings us Pink Starburst which has tested as high 33% THC. This hybrid is a cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry, Headband, and AJ’s Sour Diesel. But they didn’t stop there, the strain was then backcrossed on itself to produce this tasty strain. The result is a strain with indica growth patterns but more of an uplifting sativa experience.


Utopia Farms brings us this high producing flower which has reached levels of up to 33% THC. This strain has won several awards for its desired attributes.

A cross between the legendary OG Kush and Banana, this bud pushes the limits. Featuring a sweet and tropical taste, not only will it knock you out but you’ll enjoy the blow.

#4 TUTANKHAMUN aka King Tut

This strain is worthy of kings with average THC levels coming in at between 27% and 30%. An offspring of AK-47, King Tut is not for the beginner.

While most powerful strains are classified as indica dominant hybrids, this one defies odds and is mainly sativa. Breaking other rules it also promises you high-yielding buds.


Not to be forgotten and holding strong is old Brucey. Its been on the highest THC strain list for a couple years now and definitely has earned some respect as a champion strain.

This bud is tested at 30% consistently and is also a sativa leaning hybrid. Get ready for a euphoric high while setting sail on the nearest couch.


This is another strain that no ones new to. Named for its sticky resinous buds that’ll whop you good. This bud is also known to be good for treating pain. Find it on shelves at up to 30% THC with some cuts averaging slightly less at 24%-28%.


Bred by Captain Connection, Blissful Wizard is magical and everything you ever wanted coming in with average levels of 25% up to 34%. Created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Captains Cookies, this bud gives you a euphoric high that’ll put a stupid smile on your face for several hours.


In the past, The White has been difficult to find. However, as word about this amazing hybrid spreads around, this strain is growing in popularity.

The White features around 29% THC, which makes it great to consume on its own or to use in breeding projects. The exact origins of this strain are a mystery, but it is thought to contain OG Kush lineage.


An offspring of The White, White Fire OG also makes the list of most potent strains this year. Sometimes called Wifi OG, this strain is covered with a thick coating of white crystal trichomes.

The THC levels in this strain range from 25 to 30% earning this bud a place as one of the world’s strongest. Featuring an upbeat sativa-dominant high, Wifi OG is the perfect strain for a sunny and blissful afternoon.


Over the past few years, Girl Scout Cookies has taken the U.S. by storm. This delightful hybrid cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush features up to 28% THC, setting a high bar for new contemporary hybrids.

Uplifting and euphoric, Girl Scout Cookies provides a soaring cerebral experience and a hefty amount of full-body relaxation. For experienced consumers, this strain makes a great daytime toke.


Have you tried the strains or found something stronger? Tell us about in the comments below

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